Attention all managers, and future managers. Employees are not your enemies. I repeat employees are not your enemies. Believe it or not some managers don’t know this. Everyday there is a manager out there somewhere who treats his/her employees like trash. They talk down on them, tell them they will replace them, and use write ups and other actions as scare tactics. Fortunately this is not the way managers should operate.

Employees are your number one asset, which explains why employees are the number one expense to companies. You need employees to get specific jobs done, and to drive sales. By no means does this make them an enemy, this is where your management skills come into play. Employees are tools to get whatever job done, done. In order for this to happen you want and need the best tools. If you constantly beat and abuse your tools when it’s time to do a task you either have no tools or the ones you do have are broken. Work with your employees; find out how you can make their job duties better. Train them, coach them, and help them understand how doing these tasks can help them be better tools for the company and for themselves. Give them the support and knowledge they need to progress now and in the future. Seek to listen and understand when an employee has a problem, don’t ignore them or give them the” my way or the highway option.” Don’t tell them that “It’s their job and they need to find a way to do it.”Polish your tools, keep them fresh and clean that way work is comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. Don’t create enemies.

“I repeat, employees are not your enemies.”